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What should I expect from a CranioSacral Treatment?
CST is a very gentle, hands-on full body therapy.
You will be fully clothed and ideally laying on your back on the
massage table (treatments can be carried out also in sitting or
standing positions).
The therapist's hands will apply a pressure of 5 grams on your body to evaluate and treat the restrictions that are effecting your health.
During the hands-on treatment, images, memories, feelings or sensations can come up in your awareness.
Through Therapeutic Imagery Dialoguing with these images, memories, feelings or sensations there is an opportunity to release the physical and emotional restrictions that are impeding the healthy and balanced functioning of the body and mind.
The first treatment is usually a bit longer (1hour and 15/30 minutes)
as a full body assessment and a medical history interview
are carried out.
Following treatments are of the duration of 50 min. up to 1 hour and 10 min. on average.
- Babies & kids (U 18's): 50€
- Adults: 60€



How many sessions will I need for my "xyz" problem?

CranioSacral therapy is a very individual experience.
Some people need just a couple of sessions to relieve the main problem.
Others may need more initially and followed by maintenance sessions for a while afterwards.
The first session can give you an idea of how many sessions may be required to address the disfunction.
Response to CST varies from individual to individual and
condition to condition.
I often find that CST works very effectively when given intensively over a short time (e.g. 2-4 sessions in a 2-3 week period of time) followed by maintenance sessions.
The main thing to remember is that each person has individual circumstances and will be treated accordingly.
Why were you working on my feet when the issues I came in for are back pain and headaches?
Our body is connected from head to toes through a membrane called Fascia.
The Fascia is responsible for the electrical communication of all our body parts and through the Fascia we can palpate the CranioSacral Rhythm throughout all our body.
Any trauma, physical or emotional, can travel through our Fascia,
hence an ankle sprain, for example, can be the root cause of your back pain and headaches.
That would be the reason why CST would be treating  a specific part of your body "distant" from the part you came in with the complaint or pain.

I didn't feel much, why not?


Some patients feel nothing when receiving this work and others are very sensitive to the most subtle releases.

There are many reasons for this: previous experiences with bodywork, protectiveness from physical or emotional pain and the releases that are occurring may be below the sensitivity threshold for them.

Though you may not be able to feel anything yet, this doesn't mean that no change is occurring in your body.

In time, with an increase in body awareness and a change in symptoms you will be able to feel all that is happening to you.

There's also the possibility that more release or their effects will manifest in the next 24/48 hours from the end of the treatment.


Treating Newborns and kids up to the age of 18


I'm fully qualified in CST for Pediatrics 2 which entitles to treat newborns, babies, infants and adoloscents.

CST is a very safe treatment for newborns and kids of all ages.

For patients under 18 years of age the presence of their parents/guardians is required for all the duration of the treatment.



"Cranio-sacral therapy helped me to explore deeply within myself. What astonished me is the subtle nature of the technique, its power and strength.

Fabrizio has a natural talent and is a sensitive and patient professional.

I felt completely supported and he safely guided me on a deep journey. This technique helped me to release blockages and allow my Energy to flow peacefully."


Ana Porras

"I felt very good and relaxed after CST sessions, also my lower back 

ache was relieved and I was greatly surprised by the increase in my energy levels."

"Our Autistic son has had several sessions of CST and we have noticed that his stressful situations have been shortened and he recovers quicker to his "normal" level of coping.

We also noticed that he seems

to be widening his scope of awareness a little."


Mary O'Callaghan

"I attended Fabrizio for a few sessions of craniosacral therapy, and found him gentle, warm, and very skilled.

He immediately put me at ease, and made it very easy to relax into the experience of the treatment.

The treatments themselves had immediate effects and helped me to feel more connected and free-flowing in my body and interactions in the world. I felt as if my nervous system was re-attuned. Overall, a very nourishing, positive experience".



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