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Cranio Sacral Therapy and Emotional Release

Many times, the emotional symptoms that we experience during trauma remain unresolved.

In order for these emotional aspects of trauma to heal permanently,

a mind-body connection has to be made.


Emotional Release is a therapeutic procedure that aims to free the body and mind of the emotional and psychological aspects of trauma.


This part of CranioSacral Therapy focuses on establishing a strong mind-body connection for the release of emotional trauma and the resolution of physical symptoms.

Therapeutic Imagery and Dialogue is used in assisting the non-conscious part of us to communicate with the conscious mind.

In this process words, images, colours, smells and almost anything that can be imagined can be heard and represent some aspect, area or incident that we find to too scary to look at, or acknowledge directly.

This technique can be used to talk to our fears and phobias, pains, self loathing and sometimes people from our past or present lifes. It allows us to desensitize the raw emotions slowly so that we can finally look at the event and process the emotions and let them go.

emotional release post traumatic stress disorder
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