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About the Therapist:

I got involved in CST through my son who at the time was only 2 years old and who highly benefited from CST.


I began my studies in CST in 2009 with the Upledger Institute Ireland and had the priviledge of being trained by worldwide known therapists that worked closely with Dr. J. Upledger, such as Don Ash, Shyamala Strack, Ragnar August Axelsson, Stan Gerome and Carol McLellan.


I am an Upledger Certified therapist and member of the

Irish Association of Cranio Sacral Therapist (IACST).


I am qualified to treat from newborn babies up to elderlyhood.


I've been gaining particular experience in treating newborns and

infants as well as patients affected by Emotional Difficulties and Intellectual Disabilities.


I took part as a Primary Therapist in the Comprehensive Programmes 

in Fota where patients can avail of multi-hands, acquatic and equine assisted CST sessions and acupuncture organised by Dr. Sandra Howlett, Anne Cronin and Anthony and Mary McGrath.


I am currently taking part as a Teacher Assistant in the CST1 workshops and Pediatrics Study Groups.


I have been living in Ireland since 2006, and my professional background

is in social work and in care assistance for people with special needs.

I hold a degree in Sociology of Education and Anthropology and I have completed the Higher Diploma in Social Policy in UCC.


I'm looking forward to be contacted by you for any query or to book an appointment.



Mob: 087-0613370


craniosacral therapy cork fabrizio vitali
craniosacral therapy cork fabrizio vitali
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